We apologize for the interruption of service for those customers that have become comfortable using the older "Parcel Information Viewer" mapping application. From public comments we quickly realized that this was one of the few applications we have that is usable by our Apple/Mac users. for these reasons we have placed the old "Parcel Information" application back into service. We plan on leaving this application available until we have a complete upgrade that works with the Safari browser on Apple/Mac PCs.

To go to the "Property Information Viewer" select this link (works with the Safari browser)

To go to the "Advanced Mapper" select this link. (works with the IE and Netscape browsers)

Please correct any Bookmarks you may have made in the past

If you need help with this new application please call 907-343-7461.

If you have not visited our "MOA GIS Home Page" lately please take some time and give us a visit at http://munimaps.muni.org/moagis/index.htm

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